I’m Registered + We’re Moving

Yesterday I got up bright and early to drive to Canyon to talk with the Office of the Registrar. They needed some paperwork, and I also needed to give them the list of classes that I want to take in the fall. Lemme tell ya, the road from Amarillo to Canyon was atrociously torn up, and it took me a good 30 minutes to go 15 miles.

I’m registered for several psych classes – Theories and Counseling, Neuropsychology, Psychology and Learning – and then I’m taking a good ol’ College Algebra class and a Health and Wellness course online.

Fingers crossed that I can get a good loan from FAFSA, and that our living situation stays stable without me working full time – more on that in another post once I hear the news.

And what else is new? We’re moving around August 6th! We’re moving to a apartment with a balcony!! Meanwhile, this means we’re trying to clean up our old apartment as much as possible. We’ll be in the same building, just the 4th floor instead of the 2nd, and we’ll be overlooking the courtyard instead of Soncy street. Here’s the floor plan ~

I also bought an oversized scrunchie from FP for $0.11 – I had a credit and a free shipping code, so that’s awesome!

As for my eats today, well ….. things weren’t so great. I had a nice bowl of savory oatmeal around 12:00 … and then I didn’t want anything else except a laxative. Boo. I haven’t bought laxatives in years, you guys, so I don’t know what’s going on with me. I did force myself to eat a salad at 10 pm, but it didn’t taste very good to me.

~ M

Starting the Process

First things first – my psychiatrist wanted me to try Klonopin again because I’ve been having high anxiety. Haha, two days later, and I’m already going off it. I don’t like feeling drugged and out of it, so I’m not gonna take it, especially if I’m starting school again.

Today I called Advising Services, and they set me up with a phone advising session at 2:30. I spoke to a very informative lady (although there was so much information that I think a bit of it when over my head). She was nice enough to email me all of links and phoneΒ  numbers that I’ll need though, so that was great!

I also applied through FAFSA to begin the process of getting a student loan … I hope to hear back them in a week!

I also need to go to the Office of the Registrar and get approved for my courses since I’m a senior.

Thursday Eats: savory oatmeal and a beef burrito from Torchy’s Tacos.

I also ordered this dress that I’ve been coveting for a LONG time, and finally it hit SALE ON SALE at Free People!

Luke and the Toot (Scotch’s nickname) were being precious last night πŸ™‚

~ M

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I’m impatiently waiting on my acceptance letter from WTAMU. I’m a past student there and have no holds on my account, so surely they’ll accept me – I hope! The anxiety kills me at times, but that’s the nature of having bipolar disorder and GAD. I am glad that I have my job at Express to occupy myself during the application process. I’m the type of girl who wants an answer immediately, and waiting is rough!

In the meantime, I’ve casually been looking at new backpacks/book bags – I like two of them from Free People (I’m a Free People whore, as you’ll soon discover) that are within my price range.

I actually have a return credit that I’m waiting on from FP, so I hope I get it soon! That way the backpack would be taken care of, and I might possibly get an item or two pictured below.

And here’s another little spin I put on my blog – I document my eats everyday because, well, I’m in recovery for my eating disorders, and seeing what I’ve eaten really helps me.

What I Ate Wednesday: savory oatmeal and an egg salad piled high with greens. I skipped lunch because my oatmeal held me over until 6:00 in the evening.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: last night, I received THE CALL! I’m officially accepted as a student at WTAMU! I’m super stoked! Now I just need to make an appointment with advising and talk about getting a loan, so I’ll let y’all know how that goes!

~ M