Meet Serina! + Tuesday Eats + I Have a New Job

Meet our new baby Serina, y’all!

She’s a mantle Great Dane – almost 7 weeks old – and she’s coming home with us tomorrow! I’m one elated mama right now. 🙂

Are you saying “awwww” yet?

Tuesday Eats

Breakfast was pumpkin banana oatmeal with PB – I ate about 3/4 before feeling full. Coffee to drink on the side.

For lunch, I sauteed some Brussels sprouts, venison sausage, bleu cheese, and placed it on spinach with a few cherry tomatoes – I used a drizzle of honey as my dressing, and it was *sooo* good!

My snack was a spinach salad with a sweetie apple and some bleu cheese vinaigrette, S+P. Apples and cheese are one of my favorite combos, and this dressing doesn’t have too many calories, so I’m in LOVE.

Around 5, I needed a pick me up, so I had some broccoli and jalapeno bacon ranch.And around 6, I made spaghetti and ate my portion out of a cat mug. 🙂 Hot tea to follow!

On Working Again

I applied for a job at our local Eddie Bauer, and by really awesome chance, my good friend Daniel who I worked at Hidden Falls Ranch with about 15 years ago is the MANAGER. He called, said he’d love to have me, and I see him tomorrow at 1:30 to go over things. I’m SUPER stoked to be working again, it’s ABOUT TIME!

Things I Found on the Internet that Made Me Laugh


I’ll do an update when we have Serina home …


~ Mandy

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