This ‘N That

Howdy guys! How are you?

I’m doing pretty well … I’m *about* to admit that posting my eats on a daily basis does wonders for my ED … therefore, I do believe I’ll give it a go.

Breakfast was delicious and very filling  – two fried eggs with salsa and a piece of toast topped with avocado and cucumber.

Lunch was equally delicious – I cooked 3 pieces of bacon and roasted some carrot, broccoli, cauliflower (my fav), and bell pepper. Then I put it all on a bed of spinach with half a slice of pepper jack cheese (the other half went to Serina, ha!). Toppings were ranch dressing and some black bean and corn salsa.

After lunch, Miss Serina was getting restless, so I took her on a 45 minute walk around the complex. My outfit for the day was fun – it was an Anthropologie dress with black tights. 😛My snack today was leftover veggies from lunch and salsa.

About an hour later, I needed more sustenance and had a few more veggies with deer sausage and ranch.Dinner was simple – I had about 1 C of Greek yogurt with a banana and PB.

Serina and I took a selfie!

More veggies and dressing as part of dinner … I had a Sweet Tart candy cane for dessert – talk about yummy and low calorie, you guys. Candy canes are a perfectly festive treat!

Luke and I enjoyed a nightcap of bourbon before going to bed!

Sooo … I *may* be working for Express AND Eddie Bauer this holiday season. Nothing is set in stone yet, and I plan on asking my manager at Eddie Bauer how many hours he can schedule me for at the maximum … but Express sent me an email saying I could interview with them on Friday, and I’d like to see what they say!

Til Tomorrow,

~ Mandy

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