A Day of Positivity

Alright, y’all, so I had a bad day yesterday. Guess what? Luke apologized, I’ve stopped pouting, I am OVER being sorry for myself … sometimes I just have to be real and post about my ED triggers (which are admittedly very upsetting for me, but again, I’m just trying to keep it real on here).

I woke up a bit low, yes, and I didn’t eat breakfast, but I soon got over my little mood swing and ate a bite of lunch after Luke left for school around 1. I also took Miss Serina on several walks, and that really helped my mood too!

I DID do something VERY POSITIVE today ~ I went with Luke to the gym and slayed an arm workout – I felt so much better after doing that! I haven’t been to the gym in a few months, and it’s HIGH TIME that I start my exercise routine again.

I’ll be back logging my eats tomorrow for sure. 😉

~ Mandy


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