Working Girl + Hitting a Goal Weight + This and That

Hey y’all! I have news – since I’m back to working now, I don’t always have the energy to post every day. However, I’m  going to try consolidating a few days into one post, as I’m doing today!

So how do I like working? I *really* enjoy it – I love my people at Eddie Bauer, and I love helping people with clothing and fashion at Express (I’m getting to know my peeps there too!). Yes, Black Friday and that Saturday will be BUSY for me – I work 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Black Friday, and the on Saturday I work 10 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.


I had a bowl of Greek yogurt with pumpkin swirled in, a banana, honey, PB, and cinnamon one day …. 🙂

… and then I had oatmeal – my usual mix of banana, pumpkin, and PB. Sooo good and very filling. 😉 Yes, I was  erring on the sweet side of breakfast as we were out of eggs (my absolute fav breakfast item).

On Monday, we were low on breakfast food, so I ate cinnamon sugar toast.

And today I ate three eggs with two slices of toast (with butter and jelly).


On Saturday, I enjoyed half of a chicken breast on a bed of spinach, cucumber, and with some bleu cheese and a drizzle of ranch and honey mustard. This lunch was ACE!

On Sunday, lunch was pretty straightforward – I had a Boar’s Head turkey sandwich with ranch and some celery with ranch and salsa (why yes, I like ranch, can’t you tell).

On Monday, I had some deer sausage with pepper jack cheese and mustard … easy peasy, I wasn’t all that hungry.

And then today, I had a lovely Greek salad (the kind that comes in the bag) with half of a BBQ chicken breast. A delicious and filling lunch for sure!

Work Outs

We did workouts on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at Verdure …

… but today, we went to the Town Club! Luke has a membership with the Town Club, and I do believe I’m getting one as well. Verdure is nice, but the equipment is lacking in the weights department, and to be honest, it feels less “serious” when it comes to lifting there (Luke’s words).

Here are some pics of me doing arms and back today 🙂 ~

And y’all. Guess what. I weighed myself at the Town Club for the first time in months, and I weigh 150 lbs! WHAT?! Luke said he would have guessed 135, and then he asked his friend Marc, who also guessed around there. I do believe that getting up and moving around at work is really helping me, plus going to the gym of course!

I mean, I’m 5’10,” I wear a size 4 pant at Express, and I find Express to run small in some styles (I’m either an XS or a S) – so clearly I’m not fat or anything. But most importantly, I’m feeling GREAT and am THRIVING! 🙂

Ultimately, I’d like to be a very muscular 165-170 lbs! Huzzah! GOALS, Y’ALL!

Post-Work Out

I had a pumpkin banana protein shake before I went to Eddie Bauer on Saturday …

… and several more protein shakes were consumed but not documented over the next few days.

Today, however, I had a  cucumber and some ranch. Yummy!I was getting munchy around 5:30 today, so I had some venison sausage with Baby Swiss cheese, ranch and honey mustard for dipping. Dinners

Saturday night’s dinner was a Boar’s Head sandwich with ranch. Our local Edes Meats makes these sandwiches and sells them exclusively at Pak a Sak, where hubs works. They are *good*! Edes also makes excellent salads. 🙂

And on Sunday, during the snowstorm, Luke fixed us a New York strip with bleu cheese and spinach … sooo good!

On Monday, I had a salad made with spinach, broccoli, turkey, baby Swiss cheese, and ranch dressing. Easy peasy …

… and then on Tuesday, I had avocado and egg toast. 🙂 I also enjoyed something new to me – a hybrid of an apple and a pear. It was gorgeous to look at, and it was yummy to eat!

Tonight I had another chicken salad with avocado, broccoli, BBQ chicken, and ranch and BBQ. So tasty!

Highlights Over the Past Few Days ~

1) Enjoying a beer after work …. you haven’t lived if you have never tried a beer after being on your feet for 8 hours.

2) Persephone had a Chinese Stand Off with Luke’s backpack one evening. It was literally the dumbest thing we’d both ever seen. Luke captured a picture of it … we just died laughing at the poor silly kitty!3) Caprica cuddles. Everyone should have an animal like Caprica in their lives. 4) My new necklace from Express! It looks like something you’d see on Game of Thrones. I’m in love!

5) I also bought a ton of clothes for 90% off (a perk if you start working there), so I’ll have some fashions to show off very soon! This is one lounge dress that I bought, and I adore the bell sleeves! Super fun.

Alrighty, that’s what I’ve got my friends! Peace, I’m out!

~ Mandy

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