The Days Leading Up to Thanksgiving

Hey guys, here’s a really quick check-in before Black Friday and Saturday retail working madness!


Oh, you guys, I *finally* got that Town Club membership, and Luke and I joined our friend Marc for an arm work out on Wednesday night ~ this pic is blurry as shit, and I apparently need to wear a different bra to workout in, ha, but it was a GREAT workout!

I can’t wait for the retail rush to be over so I can relax and do more lifting! 🙂

Tasty Meals

Y’all, after looking at my eats for this week, I’ve decided that I’d like to cut the dressings/fat and replace with something better, such as a drizzle of balsamic and EVOO, and I need to cut back on *some* portions, like the chicken breast in some of my salads. Easy goals, easy goals.

On Monday, I tried a popular “salad for breakfast” … surprisingly, I liked it! Yes, I ended up eating mostly the eggs and toast (I had the rest of my salad for lunch, shhhh!), but I think it’s a solid trend.

On Monday night, Luke and I decided to try something new, so we ate at the newly built House Divided Amarillo on Hillside. We went in with high expectations, and we ordered the Mexican Loaded Fries with Taco Meat …

… and the Texas Philly Cheese Steak with a side of okra and macaroni and cheese.

No offense, House Divided, but you’re really going to have to step up your seasoning and presentation game if you’re going to last in this trendy and upscale area of town. Seriously, all of the food tasted bland (salt and pepper helped), and the macaroni and cheese tasted like a lunch lady made it. Boo. But House Divided does get a few minor points for having good fried okra.

Will we go back? Doubtful. I can fix food better than this at home, and when I go out and pay a place to make my food, I expect it to be better than what I can make. On the ABC grade scale, I give House Divided a sound ‘D.’

Luke and I ate Thanksgiving Lunch at Outback with Mom a day before Thanksgiving – I didn’t snap any pics, but we ordered the Seared Peppered Ahi to share (sooo delicious), and I had a side salad with both ranch and honey mustard and The Bloomin’ Burger. Y’all. I love The Bloomin’ Onion, and as you might imagine, the bloom sauce and the onion strings on a burger was just …. *drool.*


I’m wearing the Side Stripe Fitted Ribbed Sheath Dress, available here at 50% off, from Express. I’m wearing a small, am 5’10” and about 150 lbs. Alrighty, see ya on the other side of Retail Hell this weekend!

~ Mandy

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