On Serina

Since a few people have asked, I want to be candid – we had to re-home Serina-pup through the ASPCA (the no-kill shelter here, I’d rather die than take her to the pound). She just seemed very unhappy in the apartment with us, and ultimately, we shouldn’t have gotten her … but hindsight is always clearer, no? And sometimes hardships turn into blessings! I called to check on Serina’s status on Friday, and she has a new home with a yard, and she’s thriving.

So good came of the situation after all. Pup has a home where she’s thriving … I have two jobs which I adore and keep me busy and more mentally stable then I’ve been in decades (plus I bring in a little extra spending $$ which is lovely). I also quit vaping for good too! Huzzah!

~ M

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