Hellenically Swayed

I have a penchant to gravitate towards products with names that inspire me … take for instance this Hellenic Wrap Headband. I studied humanities and classics in college, so of course I’m drawn to the word Hellenic. I also remember studying the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Granted, when I spotted this headband on sale at Anthropologie, I had to snap it up (and an extra 50% off sale price is unheard of at Anthro – I assume they’re not selling as well as they have in the past?). I may *not* receive it, however, as the product is unavailable page precariously popped up after I placed my order …. damn it.

Fingers crossed for this Hellenic accessory to land in my lap in a few days! If not, Anthropologie, you may have to disappear from my little circle of clothing sites like the Minoan civilization.

~ M