Update: An Addition to My Hairband Collection

Yassou, y’all! So the Deepa-made Hellenic Wrap Headband from the post below DID, in fact, show up at my home in all of it’s Grecian glory! At first, though, this headband was admittedly daunting, and I regretted ordering it for a split second … I mean, it was HUGE and unyielding, bulky, lots of fabric, and I was uncertain of what to do with it exactly.

Thankfully, with a little luck and determination, I maneuvered it into something that looks like a headband – and that’s the point, after all! You style it as you like it. 🙂

(Taaa-daa! This is my no-makeup night look featuring the new head wrap. Yay!)

It’s adorable, and I’d *absolutely* buy this again – if you can find one in store, SNATCH THAT SUCKER UP! And now I’m eyeing the Glinda Floral Wire Headband from Anthro after this fortuitous stroke with Anthropologie wrap headbands. They’re easier than you think to style! Seriously – it’s up to you how you’d like the head wrap to look.

If you’re daunted by a giant wrap such as this, I suggest the Knotted Chiffon Headband in various colors (I like yellow) and the Cheery Cheetah Knotted Headband (it’s a great little neutral) – it’s a pre-made knot on top of the band, very simple to just slip on your head! I hope to add these to my collection soon too. 😉

I have acquired a cute new jumpsuit from Express and some sneakers from Free People which I hope to show off soon on here.

I’d also like to start posting a few meals here and there. 🙂

Eureka on this headband find though, and Kalinikta! Antío sas!

~ M