Currently Coveting II

Howdy there, dolls and gents! It’s time for another installment of “Currently Coveting”! Since I work at Express, obvi, I don’t need *too* many clothes from other retailers, but I tend to look for striking shoes and accessories at other places; today, just for the hell of it, I’ve thrown in some cute clothing pieces that have caught my eye, particularly two denim jumpsuits.

Confession: I’ve *never* owned overalls except for once in the 7th grade … and that was a disastrous look because I was a very large child and they looked simply dumpy on me, so I immediately hated them and did for years! Insert picture of my awkward late middle school/Freshman self petting a donkey:

Anyway, onto my current covets of the fashion world!

Johnny Cash Tee – What’s not to love about a Johnny Cash t-shirt? Since I’m a Southern girl and enjoy Johnny Cash’s music, I can see myself wearing this shirt year round, under jumpsuits, over a swimsuit, with skirts or shorts … a good graphic tee is very versatile, and this one fits the bill.

Pilcro Bibbed Denim Jumpsuit – Okay y’all, here’s THE jumpsuit that I LOVE and want to try – it has long straps from the waist instead of covering up the boobs, and I think $160 is a completely fair price point. I’m not sure which size I’d try – I range from 27 to 29 depending on the brand, so I’d probably go with the 28 here. My only hope is that this jumpsuit’s inseam is long enough for me – it says it’s 31″ on the website … I’d have to see, I suppose.

Galloon Lace Halter Bra in Powder White and Pollen Yellow – as ya’ll know, I love Free People’s Galloon bras … I need a new halter bra, however, since my last one was worn beyond belief, and then I really just forgot about it until FP debuted a new color. I was an XS, but now I think I’ll order a small to accommodate the D cups.

Velvet Dolce Headband in Lilac – Oh my beating heart be still! Anthro is selling a velvet headband that is *similar* to pricey Jennifer Behr (I still have a goal to own one of her headpieces one day) … the lilac color is so spring-y.

Park Project Poster Socks – I woefully discovered that I need SOCKS while I was cleaning out my intimates drawer, you guys. SOCKS with sandals (aka my black Tevas) are so trendy right now, and I’m digging these FP National Park socks. My fav is the Grand Canyon because it reminds me of our local Palo Duro Canyon, but all of these are too cute.

Serafina Spotlight Earrings – I have a major soft spot for Serafina earrings, you guys … I own two pairs purchased at both Anthro and FP, and FP has come out with these gorgeous pretties. I honestly can’t decide if I want bright red or turquoise … I *may* try to wait to get them on sale, but they’re perpetually in my cart so I can watch the sale level.

Noemie Earrings – Now these glorious earrings *are* on sale, but I’m waiting for a second cut or a sale on sale as $70 is a toooouch pricey for resin earrings.

Soludos Animal Platform Espadrilles – Aaaaand NATURALLY I MUST HAVE THESE BECAUSE CATS! Happy, smiling cats with flower crowns! And Soludos is such a favorite brand of mine – they’re comfortable, they conform to the foot and provide a bit of support, they’re just a great all-around espadrilles.

Delaunay Blouse – Anthro isn’t doing much for me this season, but I did spot this cute blouse – it reminds me of a big bold bright watercolor painting … imagine how many colorful earrings and accessories one could play with when wearing this blouse!

Double Dutch Jumpsuit – This is my *second* favorite jumpsuit in case the Pilcro one sells out or doesn’t work for it – I’m into the cute halter top, but I’m also wondering how much support this little jumpsuit provides the D cups …. it looks a little difficult to wear a bra with this guy, but hey, I’d give it a go!

I think I’m going to try to get the Pilcro Jumpsuit before anything else … I know Anthro’s denim jumpsuits don’t last very long at all, so I need to act as quickly as I can. 🙂

Alrighty, those are my covets as of late! Hope you have a good night, friends!

~ M