Updating Our Digs Part I

Oh my goodness, y’all – we moved into this apartment in August of 2016 and have only done minimal decor … Luke and I both think it’s time to change things up in here, seeing as we’ll probably be here a few more years.

Idea #1: Paint the walls a fresh coat of white paint. Yes yes yes, we’re in one of “those” apartments that doesn’t allow you to paint a color on the wall – you have to stick to the approved white (I’m giving you the stink eye, Residences at Town Square). BUT – white is a color with which I can easily work by adding pops of color and texture in art. Our walls have gotten a few stains and are generally gross from living here for about 2 and a half years (thanks in part to our three fluffy friends!) … it would benefit everyone to wipe down the walls and paint a fresh coat.

Idea #2: REMOVABLE WALLPAPER. Oh, my friends. How could I be so blind to the ingenious invention that is removable wallpaper? I was oh so damn blind, but now I SEE! I was thinking something along the lines of doing a wall decal, and then I thought “wouldn’t it be cool if they made wallpaper that works like a decal?” … sure enough, I found that this, in fact, is a popular thing to do in apartments! Ha!

My favorite websites thus far are Wayfair and Walls Need Love. Oh, and art.com. I also plan on checking out Pier One, Bed Bath and Beyond, and TJ Maxx (because DEALZ ppl!) in my spare time.

Here are the boring culprits which need glama-fying:

1) The bedroom (and I intentionally left my embarrassing clothing rack outta the picture 🙂 ) – we’d like to do the wall behind the bed, perhaps find Luke a nicer nightstand, and find some wall art. We really don’t need a new bed set unless we’d like to upgrade to a King (it’s possible), and I’d like to update my linens and pillows too.

2) The bathroom – we’d like to at least do an accent wall by the toilet (because it’s the easiest wall to do), or we may go whole hog and attempt to do the entire thing (this seems a bit more difficult because we’d be navigating the bathtub and the vanity). Again, a fresh coat of paint is needed in here BADLY. Also added to the checklist is some interesting wall art.

3) The living room … I’m torn on which wall to do, so we might even consider doing both of them pictured … I’ll have to think hard about this, but the good thing is that one can always order more wallpaper if needed. If I absolutely had to choose, I’d do the wall to the right over the wall on the left because it’s the larger wall. And yep, we need a new chair, couch, and table but that’ll come in a few months. Extra desires are to add an accent rug under our table and to use to center our furniture … and, naturally, wall art which compliments the wallpaper.

Alrighty, now that I’ve introduced you to the sad spaces o’ mine, I’d like to play around with some ideas (feel free to leave feedback!).

I picked out quite a few samples of wallpaper to show Luke, and although we both liked some interesting wallpapers, we both decided to stick to options that are bright, light, clean, and more geometric. This is much to my heart’s delight because I ADORE Art Deco, and Luke liked my Art Deco samples the best.

I like this print for the bathroom …

…. this print for the bedroom (it’s a bit simpler than the other two) …

… and I adore this one for the living room. It’s opulent and elegant.

Idea #3: Framed artwork that’s meaningful and with pops of color – I want to take this opportunity to create some personalized art, such as my wedding portrait with Luke and our kitties! I love this picture with color, but I also have a black and white version … I think I’ll stick to color. 🙂

And naturally, I want to make some prints/canvases of family! Here are a few options …

And, naturally, pics of the babies~

Idea #4: fun wall art and decor in the form of pictures, bobs and doodads, and fun shelving/storage pieces!

I’m in love with the Animal Print Shop, and I’d like to order a few prints from here. The problem is choosing which ones we like!

Graphic art ~

A set of picture frames … no pic because WP is being stupid with Wayfair pics … arg … wait, there we go …

Geometric objects would be an interesting addition to Art Deco wallpaper …

And, of course, I’d be remiss if some Anthropologie decor didn’t make this post ~ I’d love to spell something out in these letters (they’re pricey, so maybe just 3-4 letters like the word “LOVE”?).

Anthro provides some whimsical touches that can be hard to find unless you really get crafty or hunt-y around thrift stores. I love this little trinket dish … the colors would work well with the living room or the bedroom wallpapers.

Idea #5: A bar cart for storage. No, it doesn’t have to be used for alcohol (although ya never know!), and I’d probably use it as a piece that holds some cute trinkets, maybe a few unopened bottles of wine, some pretty glasses or mugs etc. I’ve always wanted a bar cart, so hopefully Luke will let me indulge a bit if I find one on the cheaper side.

Idea #6 – Area rug … okay so this is totally lame, but I plan on finding a cheap yet pretty rug locally. Why? Because we have puke-y, furry cats, and I don’t want to spend good money on a rug that’s going to be scratched and slowly destroyed. But here’s a sample of something that I’d like ~ a mint green …

… or even one that’s a little more boho …

… and perhaps a simple geometric pattern from Walmart …

… and those are my ideas for our apartment! I can’t wait to get the ball rolling and show you what we end up doing!

~ M