What I Ate Today + A Fab Workout+ Fashionable Musings + A Special Purchase

Hey friends! Long time no post – I’ve been adjusting to working full time, but I’m enjoying it too! I hope to start posting more about diet and exercise (with a little Spring fashion thrown in 🙂 ) as I’m attempting to lose about 25 lbs in a healthy and steady manner along with building muscle.

My Method to Losing Weight and Getting into Better Shape ~

  • cut out Splenda and just try a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee in the morning
  • cut out Coke Zero …. drink water instead
  • watch portion sizes – I don’t want to be a Nazi about portion sizes completely, but I want to measure out hummus, dressings, etc. as I’m wont to overdo my fats
  • lift weights with or without Luke … I PREFER working out with him, but since our schedules are so crazy, I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and hit the gym without him some days
  • EAT a little LESS in general … I refuse to turn to the starvation of anorexia again as I love food too much now, but I need to rein in my portion (as mentioned above) and make smart choices regarding carbohydrates and unhealthy fats
  • Drink alcohol in moderation, less often (and stick to hard stuff, not beer or wine)

This was my day on 3/9/19 🙂 ~

Lunch – three hard boiled eggs with S+P and Sriracha and a banana with about a tbsp of PB.

Pre-Workout Snack – two hard boiled eggs, 1.5 tbsp of plain hummus, broccoli, tomatoes, S+P

Workout –  Leg day

You guys. I weighed myself at the gym … let’s just say that I’m less than thrilled with my body right now! I’d like to lose 25-30 lbs … that’s my goal. I want to look sexy again, not flabby. And it’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE to do without being eating disordered!

Early Dinner/Post Workout – Root Beer Kombucha, and 100 calories of okra + hummus + dressing = about 200 kcal.

Late Night Snack – beef tenderloin with Maytag bleu cheese

The tenderloin was my favorite bite of the day – Luke cooked it perfectly!

A few Fashionable Musings with Express Outlet’s new goodies … I love this olive, blue, and red romper …

… this gorgeous maxi dress in red and pink …

… this cute camo romper (I’m going to buy this one eventually) …

… and this cute kimono … also something that I’m sure I’ll buy eventually …

I thought about purchasing a few items from Express when I receive my paycheck next week, but after a talk with Luke, he made a good point – would I want three items which would turn essentially into “just more clothes,” or would I like one piece that would actually mean something to me? Well, duh. I want something that’s meaningful! And I happened to know just the dress – I’ve been stalking the Pleated Colorblock Dress from Anthropologie EVER SINCE IT CAME OUT, and as luck would have it, the previously out-of-my-price-range dress was on sale with an additional 30% off … I was thrilled to see this! I ordered it and cannot wait for it to come … I’ll certainly do a review!

That’s all, my friends! Have a good night!

~ Mandy