Killer Workouts + Changing Courses

Hey guys! How are you today? I was tired for sure over Monday and Tuesday – Daylight Savings is a bitch, and I take back any chipper comments I made earlier about enjoying it.

Guess who’s been KILLING getting loyalty accounts and ESPECIALLY credit cards at work? THIS GIRL! Starting Monday to Thursday night (tonight) I’ve gotten 7 ENCC’s (Express Next Credit Cards). My secret is making the ENCC promotion sound like a short-time thing, a promotion that will go away soon (so people want to take advantage of it) and to mention the promotion to them as they shop, not when they get to the cash wrap.

I woke up to hit the gym on Monday, and OOH MY GOSH, I was too sore … I could barely walk. Ugh. That’s okay – I was on my feet all day today anyway with work, and since it was a rainy day today, it felt like a nice rest day.

I was so happy with myself before work on Monday too – I called and made three doctor’s appointments, which I tend to dread (I’m not a fan of the doctor, which is funny because my husband wants to be a PA). Since I’m a manager at Express, and our store manager creates the schedules for us four managers about a month in advance, I needed to get my dates in for my appointments – luckily my eye appointment falls on a day next week when I’m off (I’m almost out of contacts, plus I think my vision has changed a smidge).

On Tuesday, I simply slept in … it was raining, and while I set my alarm for a workout, I slept through it! :/ UGH.

On Wednesday, however, hubs and I did BACK … and then Thursday night after work, Luke and his friend Marc worked out arms and a bit of chest with me. 🙂


A banana with PB and coffee with cinnamon and almond milk.

One good ol’ plain banana!

… another banana with PB …

… and an apple with Tajin.


A honeycrisp apple with Tajin …

… and some roasted chicken with chicken dipping sauce and some red bell pepper and avocado with light Catalina.

A Boar’s Head turkey sandwich with broccoli, a few tomatoes, and some dressing.

… and a fried egg salad (it doesn’t look pretty but it was yummy!).


Cucumber with dressing and Kombucha!


Baked chicken breast with chicken dipping sauce (not too much, after all it’s about 150 kcal per 2 tbsp, which is a LOT), red bell pepper, broccoli, tomatoes, light dressing, and salsa.

A Frullati chicken pecan salad … let’s just say that I wasn’t a fan of this salad. 😦 Too much mayo in the chicken and the ranch dressing – YUCK … so I ate the greens. Icky.

And, of course, my favorite dinner (especially after a workout) = FILET with BLEU CHEESE

Interestingly, a development has occurred with my husband and his current degree plan in biology to become a Physician’s Assistant … he’s NOT happy or inspired with it, and he’s been struggling with a lot of stress and depression. His best friend (Marc, as previously mentioned) is a pre-med student who decided to switch to nursing in the fall, and Luke’s heavily considering switching his major to nursing – and to be honest, I think it’s a STELLAR idea. Why? Well …

…. many reasons. Becoming a P.A. is a daunting path and it’s SUPER competitive, especially for a white male like Luke; Luke was feeling the pressure of doing a ton of community service and keeping his grades tip top, all while working at Pak, and he’d been feeling pretty low and lost for a while.

Nursing school, however, is a bachelor’s degree … and Luke’s already half way done with the requirements due to basics and the biology degree. It has no silly requirements like community service, the program inundates the student into the nursing world through clinicals (you can even work at the hospital as a nursing student,) and it makes good money from the bachelor’s standpoint . If Luke wants to become a nurse anesthetist or something to the like, he can go back to school for a master’s or a doctorate once we’re more financially stable.  But no rush!

(And, as a bonus, I can finish my degree – I’m only 25 hours out from my General Studies with an Emphasis on English, and I plan on finishing once Luke has his bachelors!)

So that’s what’s been going on in the Martaus Household recently! Hope ya’ll have a nice day!

~ Mandy