Lifting + Thriving

Hey guys! Last time I left you with a post about struggling with depression and mania – I talked to my doctor, and his nurse practitioner put me on lithium, but lithium didn’t seem to do much after a few weeks, so I’m off it. However, I think I’m on an upswing thanks to several factors.

Factor 1 – I’m lifting weights DAILY. And not pansy soccer mom weights to get toned – I’m lifting to get RIPPED.

Factor 2 – My job and my co-workers. My bosses totally understand that I have bipolar disorder, and they’re both very accommodating to me. No, I don’t get paid very much for my job, but damn if it’s not worth keeping right now because of my kind bosses and my sweet coworkers.

Factor 3 – The food situation. Luke’s giving me about $20 a day to buy my meals – I usually eat a piece of fruit or have a protein shake for breakfast, so I get 2 meals out of $20 …. it’s pretty nice! I’m focusing on eating less carbs (farewell, Auntie Annie’s pretzels at the mall 😦 ), and more protein.

Factor 4 – Acceptance of my body. Y’all. This is HUGE. I’ve accepted that I’m not meant to weigh 125 lbs again. I’ve accepted that my body is meant to be powerful. I currently weigh 155 lbs, and I’m OKAY WITH IT. In fact, I’d like to weigh around 165 with muscle. It’s AMAZING to have finally had a change of perspective after 20 years, and I truly hope it sticks (knock on wood).

Factor 5 – My support system. I don’t know where I’d be without my family and friends, particularly my Luke. He’s encouraging and comforting, but he’s also pushing me out of my comfort zone when it comes to weightlifting, and it’s wonderful – we all need a little push every now and then if you ask me.

Today was back day with weights – I’ve been doing weights consistently each day for about a week and a half now. We do reps in the order of 20-15-12-10-15, and it really does work me out!

Eats today ~

I hopped in the car bright and early to grab some Hydroxzyine from my pharmacy downtown (sans makeup and with wet hair because I needz mah pillz), and I grabbed a cold Starbucks coffee on the way home.

Torchy’s Tacos (a Baja Shrimp taco and a Trailer Park taco, trashy). We skipped the queso today, and I was happily full, not overly stuffed.

And a chicken salad made from a bagged salad and some chicken tenders a la United.

I also demolished a potato but didn’t document it – ugh, I was too full afterwards! That’s one of the many “post-ED issues” that I’m dealing with right now – being too full, overeating at times, and pooping often (yes, ED people often don’t poop).

And naturally I’ve been looking at some new workout clothing – Free People’s active wear is golden, so here are the workout clothes that I WaUnt ~

Give Your All Harem Pant in Tiger’s Eyes

Happiness Runs Bodysuit in Black or Vintage Alpine Lake

On the Road Pant in Heather Grey

About Town Harem Pant in Taupe

I’m going to give myself a lot more time working out and seeing how my body develops before buying any clothes – but these are fun to look at, and I do have a FP refund coming soon … maybe I’ll snag one or two pieces. 🙂

I’ll try to keep up with my blogging a bit more readily, so I’ll try another post tomorrow.

 ~ Mandy