The “Leg” and Short of It

Howdy y’all!

Today started out with a protein shake ….

…. and soon after, my friend and I grabbed a polish sausage on the way from the bank (work-related). Yummy with taco sauce!

Lunch was a wrap from United with a side of ranch!

Work was fab :)! I enjoy my job a ton, and it’s fun to see my friends everyday! Yep, I have work friends, and I love them!

And after work was gym time – it was leg day. (Forgive my crazy raccoon-eyed face, I had taken a scoop of pre-workout and was feeling flushed!)

Aaaand dinner was a FABULOUS chopped salad with two eggs and some shredded cheese.

And now I’m off to clean up the apartment – I have lots of good energy after my workout, and it’s great to channel it into chores and cleaning.

Have a nice night, my friends!

~ Mandy