Protein Shakes + Piercings

Howdy there folks! Just another day in the life for ya ….

Instead of just fruit for breakfast, I’ve been drinking protein shakes – just a scoop or two or protein, a banana, and milk with ice.

Lunch today was a conglomeration of turkey, Laughing Cow cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes with a little honey mustard.

Gym time for an hour and fifteen minutes today! We did legs. Afterwards, I had Luke snap a few “before” pics – I hope that I see improvement soon with consistency and less carbs and sugar.

An Ambrosia apple as a post workout snack!

And a kombucha (not my favorite flavor but it was refreshing enough in the heat) from Natural Grocers where I browsed for about 30 minutes …

….. and then a little Boar’s Head snack tray with Gouda chicken salad, cheese, a few crackers, and some withered grapes which I didn’t eat.

Last night Luke mentioned to me that he missed my nose ring. I had taken it out in January, and I *thought* it had healed … I tried putting my nose ring in, and with a bit of poking and pushing, it opened up again! I also bought a set of hoop earrings (see below) at Target – I want to get my ears pieced a third time, and this cute little set comes with three earrings for each ear!

Dinner was interesting, ha! I had a few pieces of United chicken tenders (not that healthy, but hey, it’s protein) with ranch and ketchup (sugar :/ but I tried to keep my dipping lighter than in the past) ….

(The cats enjoyed dinner with me, damn them and their cuteness!)

Then I watched Game of Thrones with Luke … and I cried. No spoilers here, I promise …. but ugh. Have a good night, y’all! I’m off to bed.

~ Mandy