Too Much Pre + More Piercings

Howdy friends! I had a productive day – the usual consisting of work and then a workout!

Breakfast was a protein shake as per the usual, but I need to stop being lazy and acquire some spinach and different fruit such as raspberries or blueberries for my smoothies!

My OOTD (forgive my pissy facial expression) – an Express white sweater with a FP Galloon racerback bra in Ballet, Get Gussied Up (a local store) bells, and sale Stud Boston Birkenstocks from FP. I’m not really into the whole “busy cowgirl” look, but damn, if I don’t find some treasures at Get Gussied Up on occasion. 😉

Lunch was a treat, a salad from Frulatti – I choose the Chicken Caesar on the garden mix. I, however, am gonna stop having the crackers and croutons if I do indulge in this salad in the future because the CARBZ, but I’m almost resigned to packing my own lunch at this point so I can lower my calorie count.

And then after 8 hours of work, it was time to hit the gym! And, of course, I did something *SO* dumb! I took an entire scoop of pre-workout thinking I could handle it … aaaaaand 20 minutes and two machines later, I literally felt like vomiting. I drove home, weakened, and guess what, I barfed a watery mix of pre and water out soon after arrival. Gross. :/

After drinking lots of water and allowing my tummy to settle, I had the world’s biggest orange, and it was perfectly delicious to me. I need to pick a few more up at United because it was sooo succulent.

Dinner was just okay and was pretty rich and heavy to my poor stomach – I ate all of the raw broccoli (my fav) and jalapeno ranch dressing, and I had a few bites of roasted potato and a few bites of Andouille sausage with a bit of ketchup.

After dinner,  I made a big fat mug of hot Salted Caramel tea while listening to some German rock musicals.

Fun Event of the Day: Okay y’all – so! I’ve been wanting to have my ears pierced with a third hole on each ear, and I stopped by our local Claire’s to inquire about pricing on my lunch break today, thinking it’d be about $10-$15 like it used to be. HOWEVER ,oh HOWEVER, my friends – the cheapest piercing studs at Claire’s were $30 EACH (the piercing is actually free, but you have to buy the pricey studs). Spending $60+ on my two ears seemed RIDICULOUS …. so I did something a little unorthodox. I went home, dug out the two old ruby piercing studs used on my second ear piercings (from Claire’s many years ago), and called upon The Luke.

Luke, you see, has used his 18 gauge needle to open up my nose piercing on numerous occasions (i.e. times that I took it out and promptly forgot about it), and he makes it pretty painless, so I asked him if he’d try piercing my ears (in the most sanitary way possible, btw). He said that he’d try it, and y’all … it didn’t hurt me one bit! It took an extra push to get my studs through the holes, but damn if it didn’t hurt and was just pressure. So now I have three piercings on my ears! I plan on putting my littlest ear huggies in them once they’re fully healed. 🙂 HUZZAH for saving $60+ and for two painless piercings!

Alrighty, I’m off to clean up the apartment a smidge and then hit the hay – 7:00 a.m. always comes waaaay too early!

~ Mandy