My Weighty Situation

So. First things first – it turns out I’m NOT attending WTAMU this fall. It’s a complicated issue, but I’m okay with it! Luke and I just agree at this point that it’s better for him to get his nursing B.A. before I get my General Studies degree. Why? Because, well, money. My *cough* loving father refuses to help us in any way despite being extremely wealthy – he cannot forgive past grievances, but truly, that’s his problem, not mine. So in theory, once Luke’s an R.N. he’ll be bringing in the bacon, we’ll be able to pay off some debt, and I’ll be able to finish my degree. It also helps that I just REALLY love my job and didn’t want to step down from Sales Lead. So that’s that.

Now onto the topic of this post: weight loss. I need to lose about 40 lbs (we don’t own a scale but I think I need to get one) to get down to 130 lbs or lower. To be frank, with my bipolar meds and long hours at work, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll workout consistently, so it’ll primarily be my DIET which helps me achieve my goals. I want to be healthy while I drop the pounds, but I also need to be very frequent with my diet (and I don’t use the term “diet” loosely as if to do some fad program and then stop it once I’ve hit my desired weight). I use the term “diet” as a lifestyle change.

How do I know that I need to lose weight,  you ask? MY CLOTHES. They are either very snug or don’t fit, period. Plus Luke and I had a conversation about how I’m getting bigger 😦 . If Luke says something, I know it’s seriously true, and I need to act.

Currently my measurements are:

  • Bust: 37
  • Waist: 35 (this sucks because a healthy woman should have a 34″ waist or less)
  • Hips: 39

What’s going to be different about this blog? It’s going to focus on weight loss and recipes. I’ll do my best to blog my meals each day too (probably along with copious amounts of pics of Scotch, Caprica, Persephone, Calliope, and even Drogo).

Oh, and how can I forget FASHION? I’m devoted to Express (where I work), but I’m also PASSIONATE about Free People. Anthropologie used to be my obsession, but Anthro’s been falling short over the past two years for me.

What I have on the way: Portland Distressed Messenger Bag.

Also the Shiny Oasis Midi Dress – I ordered a size small as the reviews say it runs a little big … to be honest, I really don’t need to be buying many clothes with my impending weight loss.

Therefore, I’ve my eye on accessories! These Zara headbands are super cute (like Jennifer Behr, only affordable!). I’d like to order one or two soon.

Here’s to a less weighty tomorrow with healthy choices, y’all!

~ M