Subtraction = Normalcy

I have news.

I’m nearly back to normal after a month of a trial and error drug. This is a drug that I’ve been on before, and it helped me for years. I complained of anxiety to my doctor, and we decided to try it again after a year of being off it.

This time, however, I saw a marked difference in myself on this drug …. I began to drink heavily, and I was not myself. My ED also began to show again.

What drug is it? It’s klonopin aka clonazepam (the generic). After subtracting it from my regimen for a few days, I’m feeling free again.

I’m no longer drinking so much, my ED is calming down, I’m slowly getting back to my normal self. I’m walking my little dog again, I’m waiting up for my husband on nights when I’m off or am closing … I’m also contemplating returning to the gym to aid with my healthy weight loss.

Klonopin is not for me, y’all.

~ Mandy