I Made Soup … Again. But This Time It’s Less Anorexic and More Health-a-Rific.

I’m down to 156 lbs, and I made veggie + bean soup again. The soup really has no rhyme or reason to be a soup, but it indeed turns into a delicious concoction after a little pouring and muttering on my part! I start with lots of minced garlic, add veggies to my heart’s desire, beans, V8, and THIS magical stuff from good ol’ Walmart – Vegan Protein Broth.

….. and it turns into the most beautiful soup I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been at it with some Free People refunds too, y’all, and I ordered these glorious shoes -they’re SO easy to walk in and are just fabulous! Winner! (Bonus is that they make me about 6’3″).

Since my last bag aka the Portland Distressed Messenger didn’t work out due to a defect, I’m looking forward to the arrival of a Caraa Cumulus Tote to use when I go to work (like I seriously enjoy onions on my salad, so I need a toothbrush and toothpaste when I go to work, and I need a place to put them). This cute bag is on super sale, and it’s adorable. I have high hopes.

And, my friends, if online shopping with E-credit isn’t fun enough (lol need I say more) … Luke and I saw our NEW APARTMENT for the FIRST TIME today!

Here’s me looking cross-eyed in the kitchen (alliteration much!) ….

…. and our fab new balcony which does *NOT* overlook a parking lot but rather a court yard! We’re still looking for a small table with two chairs (damn you Walmart and Home Depot, you have failed us!)…

… our new bathroom which opens from both the living room and the bedroom (great for guests if we choose, but we’re recluses so maybe not lol). We’re still trying to figure out where to put the cat box.

And our super fun living room with lots of angles – we’re gonna have to figure out Luke’s work bench.

And last but not least, our glorious CLOSET with enough from for MANDY’S CLOTHES!! Well, I have been culling my clothing brutally, and some of it’s in my mom’s garage … but I’m excited not to need a clothing rack.

Now, if you kids at home are reading, you know that the L + I have been together 11 years and have known each other 12. That’s INSANE. It feels like just yesterday that I met him, riding a rearing horse named Shiloh (bless you, sweet Shiloh). The years fly fast! It’s soon to be four apartments and two houses later. Love my man :).

To be continued …..

~ Mandy