Picking Myself Back Up

Hey guys. I’m still recovering from my “mini-relapse” into the ED world, but that’s okay. Recovery isn’t linear, although I think we all wish it was! So what to do? I guess just do my best. I’m still trying to lose about 20 lbs, but I want to the do the healthiest way possible. No thank you, eating disordered behavior, I do not need your help to succeed!

My meals may seem a little sparse today, but hey, it’s better than eating 300 calories a day.

Eats Today

My shopping haul ~

Breakfast – a Summer Edition United Kombucha (yummy, but I liked the spring one better) and a cup of vegan protein broth with a little extra salt (and coffee, but that doesn’t count).

Lunch – a cucumber with S+P and garlic aioli for dipping.

Pick-Me-Up at Work– a Well Yes Broccoli and Sweet Potato “sipping soup” …. loved this one, I can’t wait to try the cauliflower one.

Dinner with Luke at 12:00 a.m. – I  made husband mac and cheese fully intending to share with him …. the second I tasted it, I felt sick. Boo. Probably a little too rich for me right now.

Instead I made a quick stir fry, which tasted very good to my tummy. 🙂

Yesterday Scotch and I went to the vet for his last set of puppy shots, and unfortunately, there was much squalling and crying from my poor Bebe with the first two, which went into his upper legs (he also had a benedryl shot to keep him from having an allergic reaction like last time) The last shot was a quickie to the back given by our vet …. he didn’t mind that one, and he happily received a treat afterward, my little stinker. He was a bit drugged out from the benedryl in the car though, which was cute (pic on the right), and he took a nap once I brought him home.

A special egg treat was called for upon arriving home!

Now we’re off to the ranch this weekend for some work and some fun … I’ll do my best to take pictures!!

~ Mandy