Struggles with Bipolar Disorder I

Yeah. So my bipolar disorder has been out of control over the past four to five weeks. It’s been awful – the crying spells, the listlessness, the sobbing in the Express bathroom and back office to my poor husband who has to deal with me, the deep depression, the heavy exhaustion.

After little debate, I saw my psychiatrist, Dr. Jenkins, on Wednesday (yesterday). His staff is great about working me in when I’m manic, depressed, or mixed, so I’m grateful to them. I’m also grateful to have understanding management at Express – I warned them that I’m bipolar I, but this doesn’t seem to phase them.

Dr. Jenkins bumped up my Trintellix from 20 mg to 40 mg, and this is a medication that I tolerate well, so hopefully it’ll do the trick. I’m also going to be taking my Klonopin as needed and not 3 times a day. I’m praying this helps too.

Eats Lately ~

A cup of protein broth + V8 and a cucumber with garlic aioli.

A Caesar salad on garden mix from Frulatti. I really need to start bringing my own salads, however, because I’d like to know about how many calories I’m eating (as Mandy weighs 160 lbs and wants to get back to 135-140 lbs).

Fried dove (courtesy of the ranch!) with gravy and a Hatch Chile and cheese stuffed mushroom.

Three scrambled eggs with broccoli and a touch of leftover queso. This was an amazing breakfast, and I’d like to add different veggies into it!

After breakfast one morning, I took Mr. Scotch on a LONG walk – nearly an hour! He and I both needed to get out, especially since it was just 70 degrees this morning.

A vanilla Protein shake, courtesy of my hubs.

A farmhouse club sandwich from United.

Deer backstrap and eggs for breakfast … holy yum, Batman.

Roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce.

Fashion News ~ I ordered some sale goodies from Free People – the Arlo Hiker Boot in White, and the Willamina Shirt Dress in the Tea Combo.

Interestingly, my qualms with Anthropologie are subsiding with this season’s offerings – I’m in love with several things, including this Luisetta Tiger Tunic (it shall be mine!).

And lastly for the night, here’s a picture of my little Tootle enjoying a bone! 🙂

Here’s to a positive work day tomorrow! I’ll try to do an update ASAP.

~ Mandy