Hi there! I’ll try to introduce myself, but I’m terrible at giving outlines of me … however, I’ll do my best!

I’m Mandy, and I live in Amarillo, Texas (born and raised along with time spent on our ranch in Canadian, TX). Amarillo isn’t such a bad place to live, if you ignore the 50 mph winds and dust storms and the crippling heat in the summer … I mean, we have a great medical community, you can drive anywhere in the city in about  45 minutes at the most, and we have a fantastic arts community and are part of old Route 66!

I’m married to a wonderful man named Luke who is my ROCK in life. When my mom, Jenny, and I had our first encounter with Luke, he was riding a rear horse named Shiloh by the stables. My mom and my sister immediately knew he was a special person. I, however, had no clue. Cue 11 years later, 10 years together, and 7 years married – we’re happily a couple. I’m sure you’ll get to know Luke over the course of this blog, but I don’t want to invade his privacy too much.

I’ve been through a lot in my 34 years (haven’t we all in our lives?), so I’ll share a few bites and pieces for now.

I had cervical cancer at age 24 and had a hysterectomy  …. we can’t have biological kids!! What, how selfish, you may think, to not want kids. That’s not true. I have mental health issues (it runs in my family, and you’ll read more about that below and as I blog), and if I passed those genes onto an innocent child …. I probably couldn’t live with myself. Plus, I’m not exactly mom material and Luke flat out doesn’t like children (he had to take care of his baby siblings as a young man, and that burnt him out onkids). So in lieu of children, we have three cats, one Shi-Poo, and a ball python named Drogo (you can read about our babies here).

I have an identical twin sister, although we look nothing alike, and I have this interesting childhood memory about being awake late at night, hyper as all hell, and my sis was sleep in the bed next to mine … I tried to wake her up to play, but she just moaned and went back to sleep. SO. My inventive little self grabbed a shelf from a play kitchen that we had … I tip toed over to her bed …. and I SMACKED her on the face with that shelf. Lots of screaming ensued, and I flew back to bed, trying to pretend that I’d been asleep (my mom had come into the room by then to see what was wrong). Naturally, my ruse of being asleep was dismissed and I got smacked. Ha, good times as a kiddo.

More to come!