Puppy + Patience

Hey guys, and Happy Tuesday!

Let’s talk about puppies and patience.

Obviously puppies needs *lots* of patience from their owners – potty training, accidents, chewing, nipping, early mornings, etc. Serina is certainly no exception, although at times it’s hard not to get frustrated, I’m the first to admit. Does this mean she’s a bad puppy? Absolutely not! She’s only been alive for 7 weeks and is sooo very new to the big ol’ world! Saying “off” and “no” are just part of the process – did you know that it can take puppies 4-6 months or longer to become potty trained? Yes, it’s true! (And can I get an “amen” for concrete floors in the apartment – they make cleaning up SO much easier than on carpet, tile, or wood.)

Serina is a giant reminder to exercise patience and grace … just as I should with myself, as I learned in residential this summer! I’ve had a terrible cold to boot, so it’s been difficult to be patient and practice grace at times with her, especially when I’m literally feeling like the walking dead. But the joy I feel from her in my life FAR outweighs any rough moments, and I gotta admit, she is an amazing cuddle buddy for when I’m feeling especially icky! (And thankfully, I work on Friday and Saturday this week, so I have plenty of time to recover before heading out into the world again.)

Onto my eats for the day!

For breakfast, I fried two eggs, toasted a slice of bread and spread it with butter … I topped my eggs with black bean and corn salsa, and cut up a few cherry tomatoes as a side. 🙂 Yummy and just about right for a girl with a cold and little appetite.

Soon after breakfast, I proceeded to have a mini-panic attack, boo. It subsided about an hour later. I put puppy in bed with Luke to hang while it happened, and thankfully they both slept through it. (Yes, that lump below is my sleeping man!)

By about 1:00 p.m. I was over my attack, thank goodness! And around 2, I was definitely hungry for a real lunch, so I make a sandwich (turkey, pepper jack cheese, spinach, whole wheat bread, ranch) and sliced up a small Honeycrisp apple and added a dab of PB.

I made my usual snack of carrots, salsa, and ranch dressing around 5 after a long nap with the pup, and I drank some Earl Gray tea – tea is my life when I’m sick.

Dinner was a nice big chicken salad with chicken breast, tomatoes, bleu cheese, pepper jack cheese, spinach, ranch, and of course some salsa. 🙂 I topped it all with a fried egg.

After dinner, I took Serina for a nice walk, probably the longest one she’s ever been on in her little life, to work out some of that puppy energy! It did the trick, and I enjoyed taking her out! I foresee long walks in our future.

Now we’re off to rest after that long walk!