Keep on Growing + New Workout Duds

 Eats as of Late ~

Opal apples with Tajin.

Protein shakes.

Torchy’s Tacos.

Chicken Caesar salad on garden mix.

Cucs and tomatoes with Opa avocado cilantro dressing.

More cucs, tomatoes, with Opa dressing and salsa.

Rotisserie chicken.

Pork Chops.

Fresh mango with Tajin.

More apples.


Green monster smoothie.

Another Caesar salad!

Yet another apple.

A Boar’s Head turkey and bacon sandwich with ranch.


Back Day ~

Arm Day ~

Another Arm Day (with chest and legs in between)

I’m super pleased with my progress!

Workout Purchases from FP

Grand Stand Longsleeve Layer

About Town Harem Pant

Happiness Runs Bodysuit in black – I ADORE the Happiness Runs bras, so I expect the highest from this bodysuit.

Bubble Slide Set in Purple – for pinning back my bangs and fly-aways!

~ Mandy

Too Much Pre + More Piercings

Howdy friends! I had a productive day – the usual consisting of work and then a workout!

Breakfast was a protein shake as per the usual, but I need to stop being lazy and acquire some spinach and different fruit such as raspberries or blueberries for my smoothies!

My OOTD (forgive my pissy facial expression) – an Express white sweater with a FP Galloon racerback bra in Ballet, Get Gussied Up (a local store) bells, and sale Stud Boston Birkenstocks from FP. I’m not really into the whole “busy cowgirl” look, but damn, if I don’t find some treasures at Get Gussied Up on occasion. 😉

Lunch was a treat, a salad from Frulatti – I choose the Chicken Caesar on the garden mix. I, however, am gonna stop having the crackers and croutons if I do indulge in this salad in the future because the CARBZ, but I’m almost resigned to packing my own lunch at this point so I can lower my calorie count.

And then after 8 hours of work, it was time to hit the gym! And, of course, I did something *SO* dumb! I took an entire scoop of pre-workout thinking I could handle it … aaaaaand 20 minutes and two machines later, I literally felt like vomiting. I drove home, weakened, and guess what, I barfed a watery mix of pre and water out soon after arrival. Gross. :/

After drinking lots of water and allowing my tummy to settle, I had the world’s biggest orange, and it was perfectly delicious to me. I need to pick a few more up at United because it was sooo succulent.

Dinner was just okay and was pretty rich and heavy to my poor stomach – I ate all of the raw broccoli (my fav) and jalapeno ranch dressing, and I had a few bites of roasted potato and a few bites of Andouille sausage with a bit of ketchup.

After dinner,  I made a big fat mug of hot Salted Caramel tea while listening to some German rock musicals.

Fun Event of the Day: Okay y’all – so! I’ve been wanting to have my ears pierced with a third hole on each ear, and I stopped by our local Claire’s to inquire about pricing on my lunch break today, thinking it’d be about $10-$15 like it used to be. HOWEVER ,oh HOWEVER, my friends – the cheapest piercing studs at Claire’s were $30 EACH (the piercing is actually free, but you have to buy the pricey studs). Spending $60+ on my two ears seemed RIDICULOUS …. so I did something a little unorthodox. I went home, dug out the two old ruby piercing studs used on my second ear piercings (from Claire’s many years ago), and called upon The Luke.

Luke, you see, has used his 18 gauge needle to open up my nose piercing on numerous occasions (i.e. times that I took it out and promptly forgot about it), and he makes it pretty painless, so I asked him if he’d try piercing my ears (in the most sanitary way possible, btw). He said that he’d try it, and y’all … it didn’t hurt me one bit! It took an extra push to get my studs through the holes, but damn if it didn’t hurt and was just pressure. So now I have three piercings on my ears! I plan on putting my littlest ear huggies in them once they’re fully healed. 🙂 HUZZAH for saving $60+ and for two painless piercings!

Alrighty, I’m off to clean up the apartment a smidge and then hit the hay – 7:00 a.m. always comes waaaay too early!

~ Mandy

What I Ate Today + A Fab Workout+ Fashionable Musings + A Special Purchase

Hey friends! Long time no post – I’ve been adjusting to working full time, but I’m enjoying it too! I hope to start posting more about diet and exercise (with a little Spring fashion thrown in 🙂 ) as I’m attempting to lose about 25 lbs in a healthy and steady manner along with building muscle.

My Method to Losing Weight and Getting into Better Shape ~

  • cut out Splenda and just try a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee in the morning
  • cut out Coke Zero …. drink water instead
  • watch portion sizes – I don’t want to be a Nazi about portion sizes completely, but I want to measure out hummus, dressings, etc. as I’m wont to overdo my fats
  • lift weights with or without Luke … I PREFER working out with him, but since our schedules are so crazy, I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and hit the gym without him some days
  • EAT a little LESS in general … I refuse to turn to the starvation of anorexia again as I love food too much now, but I need to rein in my portion (as mentioned above) and make smart choices regarding carbohydrates and unhealthy fats
  • Drink alcohol in moderation, less often (and stick to hard stuff, not beer or wine)

This was my day on 3/9/19 🙂 ~

Lunch – three hard boiled eggs with S+P and Sriracha and a banana with about a tbsp of PB.

Pre-Workout Snack – two hard boiled eggs, 1.5 tbsp of plain hummus, broccoli, tomatoes, S+P

Workout –  Leg day

You guys. I weighed myself at the gym … let’s just say that I’m less than thrilled with my body right now! I’d like to lose 25-30 lbs … that’s my goal. I want to look sexy again, not flabby. And it’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE to do without being eating disordered!

Early Dinner/Post Workout – Root Beer Kombucha, and 100 calories of okra + hummus + dressing = about 200 kcal.

Late Night Snack – beef tenderloin with Maytag bleu cheese

The tenderloin was my favorite bite of the day – Luke cooked it perfectly!

A few Fashionable Musings with Express Outlet’s new goodies … I love this olive, blue, and red romper …

… this gorgeous maxi dress in red and pink …

… this cute camo romper (I’m going to buy this one eventually) …

… and this cute kimono … also something that I’m sure I’ll buy eventually …

I thought about purchasing a few items from Express when I receive my paycheck next week, but after a talk with Luke, he made a good point – would I want three items which would turn essentially into “just more clothes,” or would I like one piece that would actually mean something to me? Well, duh. I want something that’s meaningful! And I happened to know just the dress – I’ve been stalking the Pleated Colorblock Dress from Anthropologie EVER SINCE IT CAME OUT, and as luck would have it, the previously out-of-my-price-range dress was on sale with an additional 30% off … I was thrilled to see this! I ordered it and cannot wait for it to come … I’ll certainly do a review!

That’s all, my friends! Have a good night!

~ Mandy

Purchases + What I Ate III

Hey guys, long time no post! I’ve been settling into my full time position with Express and have made a relatively smooth transition, and I do hope to keep blogging. 🙂

Food-wise, I’ve been eating a little less (which is nice because I’d like to lose 10 – 15 vanity pounds) …. for instance, I had an orange for breakfast, a few veggies with dressing for lunch, and ….


… oh wow, y’all … that steak … just blue rare perfection!!! SOOO GOOD!

Annnnd a few purchases from Free People … the Walk On By Heel in Red, the Juniper Jumpsuit size 6, and a white Miss Dazie Bralette …

I’d like to review these products once they come!!

~ M

Mellow Monday

Hey friends! I’ve been eating a lot of the same thing lately, so I thought I’d share my eats on my day off – remember, I’m still in eating disorder recovery, so I hope this post may help another person struggling with disordered eating. This blog is for fun, of course, but if I can reach someone else out there who struggles with an ED or mental illness, then that would be fantastic!


I woke up late (hello day off!), so I had brunch around 11:30 instead of lunch or breakfast. I’ve been having a love affair with savory oats, y’all – they’re delicious, filling, and super simple with just a little bit of cooking.

Simply Savory Oatmeal

– 1/2 C Quaker Oats

– 3/4 C milk or soy milk (I prefer regular milk in savory oats)

– S+P, garlic powder and parsley

– 2 eggs

– 2 pieces of bacon, chopped into smallish bites

– Cheddar cheese

– Red enchilada sauce (I use canned most of the time, but my father-in-law Joe sent us some homemade sauce, so I’ve been using it)

– Sour cream

Directions: Add S+P, garlic powder, and parsley to oats along with milk – stir and microwave for about 3 minutes (or, if you’re adventurous and have the time, make it on the stove top). Side note: you can add a bit of butter for a creamier texture to the oats. Chop up bacon and fry in a cast iron skillet …. once bacon is about done, add two eggs and fry. Once done to your liking, place the eggs and bacon on the hot oatmeal. Add cheese, enchilada sauce, and sour cream (I eyeballed my portions).

After taking a shower, I checked the mail and saw that I received some fashion-y goodies!

My Caged Lucite Basket Bag from Anthro ~

My three headbands from Anthro (the Hannah Knotted Headband in orange and turquoise, and the Jenine Scarf Headband in sky) ~

Four Galloon Lace Racerback bras from Free People in Sea Fog (which is a light mint color), Deep Periwinkle, Jungle Green,, and Strawberry Pink – I wear a size XS or small … I ordered smalls in these because, well, I got D cups ~

And last but certainly not least, the Flatform Universal Mesh Print Teva in black ~

Hurray from cute new duds! 🙂

Snack #1

After putting away my cuties – around 2:30 – I needed a little something-something, so I put together a bowl of cucumbers and carrots with ranch + Catalina dressings, and I also had a bite of venison sausage with a bit of honey mustard.

Soon after eating my snack, I needed to head to our medical/hospital district for a psychiatrist appointment – Luke made the mistake of coming with me and ended up waiting in the car for nearly 45 minutes. My doctor is usually lightening fast, but today I saw the nurse practitioner, who I rarely see … she took her sweet time asking some rather mundane questions which Dr. Jenkins knows not to bother with anymore; she was nice enough, but I prefer seeing Jenkins.

After the doctor’s office, Luke and I headed to Sam’s Club and United – Luke spotted a four pack of prime filets at Sam’s and declared that we were having steak for dinner (I cannot complain 🙂 ). We also stopped by the liquor store to grab some Marker’s Mark bourbon … Luke snapped a pic of the Maytag bleu that we put on steak and the whiskey because, well, he’s a man.

Snack #2

I was craving some veggies around 5:45 – I had a few tomatoes, some celery, and a handful of sugar snap peas with roasted garlic hummus, black bean and corn salsa, and a dab of ranch dressing.


Luke seasoned the filets with S+P and cooked them to blue rare, our favorite way to have steak! SO GOOD! I made a little salad on the side with spinach, tomatoes, more sugar snap peas, and some broccoli with salsa and dressing.

Caprica even got a piece of filet!

After dinner, I wanted a new profile pic for Facebook, so I refreshed my makeup and played with the camera on my new phone – this pic is a tad bit blurry because I enlarged it in Picasa, but hey, it works for now!

Luke went to the gym with a friend, and upon arriving home, Caprica immediately made herself comfortable on his chest.

Now I’m watching House Hunters and drinking some coffee … I’m sure I’ll hit the hay soon (I have one more day off tomorrow, which is super nice, so I plan on sleeping in again!).

Hope you’re having a nice night!

~ M

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A Few New Pretties

After dinner tonight, my Free People gift card which I’ve been expecting popped into my inbox, and I was able to order a few more things which have caught my eye – see the previous post for Currently Coveting – but I had to make some decisions on what I wanted to buy, and it turns out that the Teagan Huarache Clog was a liiiittle expensive for what I want, so I decided on the below ~

The Long Nites in LA Tank in gray  ….

 The Down to Business Trouser Sock in mocha …
The On the Road Scarf Pony in Black Star …

The Miss Dazie Bralette in Desert Flower (obviously, I already purchased this in black, but I couldn’t resist another color) …

… and something that I left off my “Currently Coveting” post, the Lena B Coin Anklet in Gold/Silver (although Patina and Gold was hard to resist too!) …

… aaaaand my last purchase was, naturally, a pair of Tevas in black … I love white, but my white shoes are simply hard to keep clean without washing them by hand often, so I chose black!

Ahhh I’m excited for my goodies to come … I’ll review them once they arrive! 🙂

~ M